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Seager Wheeler National Historic Site Tours

Education Program Overview

Bring your group to tour the Seager Wheeler National Historic Site. Tour the Farm as one of your class's field trips. The experience fits very nicely into the Social Studies and Science curriculums of many elementary grades, as well as Biology in the senior grades.

The Seager Wheeler Farm is a National Historic Site. It is the original homestead of Seager Wheeler, renowned world champion wheat grower, pioneer farmer, and early conservationist. It has been restored to its 1919 condition. Visiting students will learn about past and present farming methods through hands-on experiences. They will also see the home and learn about the life of a true Saskatchewan hero.

Getting There - The Seager Wheeler Farm is located 7 km East of Rosthern, just off Highway #312. Signs will guide you. Parking is available for buses.

Lunch? - Bring your own bag lunches. There is plenty of grass to picnic on, or eat on tables on the veranda outside the Visitor Centre. In inclement weather, indoor facilities are available.

Self-guided: - Walk the farm at your own pace. Stop in at the Visitor Centre and watch a short video of Seager Wheeler's history. Then pick up a map of the farm to explore the many labeled sites. Stop back at the Visitor Centre when you are finished - pie and coffee may be available.
Groups: - Tours and guides are available for all groups, provided booking is done in advance and arrangements for tour guides have been made.
Tours will be designed in cooperation with supervising teachers or group leaders to suit group interest, curriculum objectives and age. Tour content will depend on season, availability of volunteer guides and tour length.
Booking information is included below.

Tours may include the following areas of the farm to help the visitors understand the significance of Seager Wheeler's accomplishments.
The Visitors' Centre - Students can have a look around in this 1919 restored house. The museum upstairs displays artifacts, pictures, and newspaper clippings of Seager Wheeler's accomplishments.
The Barn - In the main floor of the barn, tours can see where Seager Wheeler kept his workhorses and his dairy cattle. Visitors can learn about different crops grown in Saskatchewan, as well as some processed foods that come from these crops. Other activities include touch tables of antique farm tools.
The Seed Cleaning Plant houses Seager Wheeler's original seed cleaning equipment, and other pioneer farm implements. Visitors can practice sorting seeds by hand as Seager Wheeler did before he had any of his seed cleaning equipment.
The Orchard has a number of fruit varieties that may be ready to pick.
Flower Gardens grow heritage peonies and daylilies.
Other Sites on the farm include Seager Wheeler's two homes, the blacksmith shop, the chicken coop (with chickens), some farm animals, and shelterbelts.
Horses - Heavy and miniature horses may be available for hay wagon tours around the Farm.

General Information - Tour participants should be prepared to be outdoors with outdoor clothing and proper footwear. Those with allergies to straw, dust, feathers, etc. need to be aware of the farm environment they will be entering.

    We ask visitors to:
  • Use the garbage cans provided.
  • Only pick living plants or flowers if invited by their guide.
  • Stay in the group and remain on pathways.
  • Handle items only when invited by their guide.
  • Enjoy themselves!

We will be available to give tours from mid-May to mid-September. Book early!

We will confirm by email the date, time, and admission price.

. Student groups - $4.50 per student.
. Adults groups - $7.50 per participant.
. Hay/wagon rides with horses - $2 per person.

. Phone the Seager Wheeler Farm at (306) 232-5959 or
. E-mail us at seagerwheelerfarm@gmail.com


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